Shane Boyd, MBA
Life Attraction and Marketing Coach
Life Attraction And Marketing Coach Dedicated To Helping Entrepreneurs Live The Lives They Were Called To Live, One Choice At A Time. 
From the Desk of Shane Boyd
Written on March 15th, 2020
I'm a life attraction and business coach who helps entrepreneurs transform their business by first, transforming their simple choice at a time. 

After I was run over by a truck and needed brain surgery to live, I realized that the “speed bumps” in our minds start taking over our lives and control how we live. I help people take back control of their lives, by first taking back control of theirs minds, so they can live the lives God called them to live, not the lives the world tells them to live.  

You see, I believe that if you want to take back control of your life and live the life you truly want to live, you must first take back control of your mind.  (Yes...I said TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR MIND).  I believe the news media and social media have been doing their level best to turn us all into a bunch of mush-headed zombies who don't think.  That way, we'll do what they want us to do and buy what they want us to buy.

But God didn't make a bunch of mush-headed zombies.  He made you.  And...he made me.  We are designed to live wonderful, abundant, joyful, fabulous lives.  However, our minds have been hijacked by the world and we've been conforming to what the world wants and what the world thinks ever since.

It's time to open our minds and THINK.  

I'm here, to open your mind and help you think, so that you stop conforming and start living the life you called to live.  

Join me and I'll help you attract a the life you truly step at a time. 

Shane Boyd
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